Make searching easy for mobile users

The yolink mobile API delivers real search content instead of just a bunch of links. yolink provides unparalleled search-enhancement features to your mobile sites. Based on unique link-searching technology, yolink scans through sites on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and extracts the relevant content based on the keywords used. Improve your mobile search functions today.



Take your website mobile using yolink

Add yolink technology to replace links with real content to keep users coming back to your site. Our API allows you to create a distinct and custom search experience for your users.

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Going mobile doesn't have to be difficult.

Extending your current site search so
mobile customers can access
all your web content is easy
with yolink search.

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Mobile searching and sharing should be never be a headache for your users. yolink search is the most effective method of sharing content available today.

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